​Just Can't Help But Sing

1. Just Can't Help But Sing

2. Ain't That What It's All About

3. In The Waiting

4. I Am A Promise

5. I Hold A Clear Title To A Mansion

6. Hallelujah Kinda Day

7. I Speak Jesus

8. Did I Mention

9. Throne

10. I've Never Been This Homesick Before

11. Greater Power

12. Gone With The Wind

13. That I Could Still Go Free

14. At The Well

15. What A Song

Pianos and Hymns

1. Jesus Loves Me

2. He Looked Beyond My Thoughts

3. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

4. When They Ring Those Golden BElls

5. Amazing Grace

6. He Leadeth Me

7. I Surrender All

8. How Great Thou Art

9. Just As I Am

10. Thank You Lord

This is an instrumental piano album played by Adam Knight

Cd's are $15, 2 for $20, or 6 for $50

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The Book, The Blood,

The Blessed Hope

1. I Love The Word

2. Beyond the Sunset

3. I'll Stand For The Blood

4. Misfits

5. He's All I Need

6. My Hope is In The Blood

7. When God Dips His Pen

​8. Watch And Pray

9.  Who Will Sing for Me

10. Tears Will Never Stain

11. Sinner Friend​

I'll Sing It Out

1. I'll Sing It Out

2. I Know That I Know

3. Sheltered In The Arms Of God

4. Clinging To A Saving Hand

5. He Takes Care Of Me

6. When The World Fails, God Prevails

7. Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me

8. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

9. Mercy

10. His Grace Is Sufficient 

This album contains Adam's testimony. It is free to any who request it. 

30th Anniversary Celebration

1. I'm Not Perfect

2. I Claim The Blood

3. Scarlet Purple Robe

4. The Longer I Serve Him

5. I've Counted The Cost

6. Man I'll Never Be Again

7. Lord, Save My Loved Ones

8. There's A Refuge In Jesus

9.  House of Gold

10. I Shall Know Him

11. Hello Lord

12. Broken Dreams

13. Transfer Orders

14. Jesus Is Alive

15. At The Feet Of God

16. How Great Thou Art

Keep On The Sunny Side:

A Tribute To Our

Mountain Roots

1. Keep On The Sunny Side

2. Stormy Waters

3.  White Oak On The Hill

4. I Can Go To Them

5. On Heaven's Bright Shore

6. He Took Your Place

7.  Hold Fast To The Right

8.  Three Men On A Mountain

9.  Just As The Sun Went Down

10.  Little Mountain Church House 

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It's Southern Gospel Y'all

The Book, The Blood, The Blessed Hope


The 30th Anniversary Album

are available for $20.00

So Many Yesterdays

1. Ark Of Safety

2. So Many Yesterdays

3. Treasures Unseen

4. Burning Bush Moments

5. Welcome To The Table

6. In The Garden

7. Hometown In The Sky

8. I Believe, Help My Unbelief

​10. Live In Me

Gospel Guitar

1. There's Power In The Blood

2. Good Ole Gospel Ship

3. Lily Of The Valley

4. I'll Fly Away

5. It Is Well With My Soul

6. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand

7. He Looked Beyond My Faults

8. Gospel Boogie

9. The Old Rugged Cross

10. Amazing Grace

This is an instrumental guitar album played by Adam Knight

It's Southern Gospel Y'all

1. Victory In Jesus

2. I Believe He's Coming Back

3. Watch and Pray

4.  My Life Has No Meaning Without Jesus

5.  I'm Not Ashamed 

6.  Better Felt Than Told

7. I'll Stand For the Blood

8.  It's A New Day

9.  Search For the Old Paths

10. The Fall 


A Tribute To Our

Mountain Roots Volume 2

1. Gleams Of That Golden Morning

2. Never Cry Again

3. Going Home

4. Far Away

5. I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven

6. I Firmly Promise You

7. Land Of Living

8. If You Fail To Reach Heaven

9. Precious Thoughts

​10. A Heart That Will Never Break Again