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The Book, The Blood, The Blessed Hope

1. I Love The Word

2. Beyond the Sunset

3. I'll Stand For The Blood

4. Misfits

5. He's All I Need

6. My Hope is In The Blood

7. When God Dips His Pen

​8. Watch And Pray

9.  Who Will Sing for Me

10. Tears Will Never Stain

11. Sinner Friend

Keep On The Sunny Side: A Tribute To Our Mountain Roots

1. Keep On The Sunny Side

2. Stormy Waters

3.  White Oak On The Hill

4. I Can Go To Them

5. On Heaven's Bright Shore

6. He Took Your Place

7.  Hold Fast To The Right

8.  Three Men On A Mountain

9.  Just As The Sun Went Down

10.  Little Mountain Church House 

30th Anniversary Celebration

1. I'm Not Perfect

2. I Claim The Blood

3. Scarlet Purple Robe

4. The Longer I Serve Him

5. I've Counted The Cost

6. Man I'll Never Be Again

7. Lord, Save My Loved Ones

8. There's A Refuge In Jesus

9.  House of Gold

10. I Shall Know Him

11. Hello Lord

12. Broken Dreams

13. Transfer Orders

14. Jesus Is Alive

15. At The Feet Of God

16. How Great Thou Art

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The Knight Family

 Mountain Style Gospel Music

Armed & Ready

1. Armed & Ready

2. Be Not Weary

3. When The King Comes Back

4.  War With Life

5. Live In Me

6. Fourth Man First

7. At The Last Trump

8. What Will You Do With Jesus

9. When I Think About Love

10.  I Believe, Help My Unbelief

Hallelujah Kinda Day: The Bluegrass Album

1. Hallelujah Kinda Day

2. It Is Better Farther On

3.  Are You Afraid To Die

4. Lead Someone To You

5. The Vision of Jacob's Ladder

6. Lord Lead Me On

7. Before I Wake

8. Thank God For The Lillies

9.  There's A Bright Side Somewhere

10.  Dying to Meet You

It's Southern Gospel Y'all

1. Victory In Jesus

2. I Believe He's Coming Back

3. Watch and Pray

4.  My Life Has No Meaning Without Jesus

5.  I'm Not Ashamed 

6.  Better Felt Than Told

7. I'll Stand For the Blood

8.  It's A New Day

9.  Search For the Old Paths

10. The Fall 

Burning Bush Moments


1. Burning Bush Moments

2. Nothing Can Rock The Rock of Ages

3. Faith

4. It Happened On Calvary

5. Waitin On The Rain

6. My Life Has No Meaning Without Jesus

7. Welcome To The Table

8.  So Many Yesterdays

9.  At The Well

10. Hometown In the Sky

11.  Gone With The Wind

12.  If Walls Could Talk